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What is the value of your time and the price of your purpose?  "Transform Me" is here to assist you in becoming all that God has created you to be by assisting you in turning small steps into giant leaps in fulfilling your destiny.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Your somewhere is here!  Let me help you in fulfilling your dreams and purpose in life by starting this journey of transformation.  There is a credit card company that has a commercial that list the prices of several things, but the memory from these purchases are priceless.  It's the same way with your transformation journey.   I'm here to help you in your transformation!  


SIGN - UP today and I know that your life will be changed for the better!


Pastor Holly

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You have been an AMAZING example of what a wife in ministry is. Even in hurt, you carried yourself like a lady with dignity and pride. When the "enemy" was in your face (literally), you exemplified grace and still showed the love of God. That was HUGE for me! Days later I had your example to help me face my own "enemy" and WIN because I didn't allow them to take me out of character. You have given up your personal time to minister to my family. You have also prayed for us through some of the most difficult times. My faith has increased tremendously. And under your teaching of the importance of tithing, my family has been blessed time and time again.  

- Tahira Jenkins








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