"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17 To be transformed means to be a NEW creature in Christ! To no longer live or relive the past but to STEP UP and INTO the new! Transform your life today, by getting rid of the OLD and allowing the Holy Spirit to change you from the inside out.   The DNA of a butterfly is in the catterpillar and the transformation begins when the catterpillar understands that who you are now is not what you shall be!

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I once knew a woman who was married, and could’ve died due to the circumstances she faced daily. Every time she looked from her left to her right, in front and behind her, she was surrounded by death, depression and despair. After some conversations with God, she arose dusting and ridding herself of the pain, the loneliness the bitterness and anger. She came to the realization, that she will NOT be bound by her trials and tribulations, but instead will TAKE BACK HER LIFE by living it under the shadows of the TRIUMPHANT God that had promised her that she is victorious in the midst of her feeling like a victim. Let today, be the day that you reclaim your victory in Christ! Let today be the day that you no longer dwell on what’s been removed, but you dwell on what’s being RESTORED! It’s time for you to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

Pastor Holly, you were one of the chief reasons I became a member of Rhema. In just my first few visits to Rhema, you demonstrated to me a prophetic and healing anointing when you called out my health challenge at the altar even though I had never told you about it. By pursuing and achieving your own health goals you have inspired me to pursue and achieve health goals of my own that in the past seemed insurmountable. The DIVAS ministry you founded and established has helped root and ground me in God, has caused me to step outside my comfort zone, and has fueled a desire in me to want more FROM God and to do more FOR God. Lastly, on a more practical note, your girly-girl sense of fashion is fun, fabulous, and gives me permission to be my cutest self. (Hahahaha!)    


"Transformation Begins From The Inside Out!"  - Pastor Holly  

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What does it mean to LIVE a transformed life? Living a transformed life means to live according to your faith not your flesh. To be transformed means to be changed in character and in condition. Start SPEAKING your transformation into existence by declaring who God said that you are. Live your life on purpose.   Live your FAITH out loud and without shame! – Romans 12:2


I’m impacted by your Integrity and honesty, you are a person of your word – you say what you mean and you mean what you say!  These are qualities that I strive for in my life daily. - J.D.


Pastor Holly has impacted my life being such a righteous example of God's love.  Her teachings strengthen me to be the best I can in every area of my life!- Mary Baltimore







This event is open to men and women.  Please be on time, so Pastor Holly can give you the keys to open up the door to your DESTINY!

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